June 23, 2011

Unseasonably Cold, Wet and Windy

[Anchored — St. Peters, Cape Breton]

That’s the general consensus up here in Cape Breton. It’s been a much colder trip than we expected!  The fronts have been one right after another — Northerly winds have been the norm. Forget the smokey sou’westers of summer. We are thinking oatmeal and hot cocoa, not sunscreen and flip flops. This is Nova Scotia, and it’s beautiful.

Progress is slow, but morale remains high (fresh baked cookies help with that). Each one of our unscheduled stops for weather has resulted in amazing encounters. Fred in Halifax welcomed us, with “Nova-Scotian hospitality” into his home for a warm shower and wine, and told us story after story about his encounters with icebergs and sailing the coast of Newfoundland aboard a cargo ship. Gerry in St. Peters greeted us ashore with the question: “Got your drivers license?”, which I did luckily, “good, then take my car and use it to run your errands!” That evening, a casual question about the weather turned into an invitation to potluck dinner with some extremely notable world voyagers (Beth & EvansBob & Kathlyn, and Chris & Jess), all of whom had invaluable information and incredible stories to share.

As we wait for our next weather window to cross Cabot Strait and make our way up around Newfoundland we are keeping a close eye on the iceberg reports. They have been fluctuating, but overall things are looking favorable for iceberg sightings, but we won’t get off easy this year it seems. Icebergs are generally staying in the northern waters between Newfoundland and Labrador, so we’ll be going the full distance. Late breaking weather reports will determine which side of Newfoundland we will climb. So far, the forecasts have been unreliable at best.

You can track our progress by using the following link. We have been updating our position generally once or twice per day when underway. Track Elizabeth’s Progress.

Long May Your Big Jib Draw,
The Crew of Elizabeth





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  1. Jun 23 2011

    We’re following your journey every step of the way and hope you guys are doing well and staying warm (still). Good idea making the cookies 😉

    We’re looking forward to your future posts! The only thing we missed in this last update was … What about Dory?!

  2. Reesh
    Jun 24 2011

    You amaze, you amaze. You and Ben are creating memories and I am living vicariously through you!

    love to you both!


  3. Jun 24 2011

    June 24th The Strait- Rockwell Kent, (artist/sailor) from the book “N by E” voyage logs from 1929
    “There to starboard of us the long monotonous north shore of Newfoundland, to port the Labrador! With a precision compounded of our judgment and the grace of God we had entered the strait of Belle Isle as fairly as though ice bergs had been channel buoys. We spotted our position by the light house on Greenly Island; and with four hours more of daylight, close trimmed our sails and made for Forteau Bay, the nearest windward port of Labrador. And as Newfoundland diminished astern…..”

  4. Fran
    Jun 25 2011

    It is wonderful being able to read how things are going…and to know about the wonderful gracious people that are embracing you….truly experiences that are priceless…..glad to hear spirits are higher and you are warmer….Bob-a-Boy would like to be with you…..know we are in spirit….be safe and thanks for the updates…..


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