January 4, 2013

Behind The Scenes Filming Underwater [Video]

GoPro underwater film offshore sailing

Filming aboard a boat is a challenge, particularly so with a limited budget. With the development of the now ubiquitous GoPro and its 1080p resolution, reasonable price, and ability to go just about anywhere we could think of, we were able to capture some pretty neat shots… or at least try!

One shot we were keen to capture was the bow cutting through the waves. It turns out that the water can be pretty murky. Not due to pollution, but rather biology. The surface layer of the ocean where  the sun shines bright and warms the water temperature is a veritable garden of algae. The algae growth peaks in August for the most part. This video, taken early on in the journey, June something-or-other, shows some pretty clear water.  This was our first experiment with the Go Pro on the boat hook, but probably produced the clearest shots due to the lack of algae.

Originally this video was produced for our Kickstarter backers, as an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at production of One Simple Question.  It was shot with a small Canon point & shoot. We used these Behind The Scene videos as a Final Cut Pro learning opportunity. One HUGE lesson learned with the making of this first video is that source files for Final Cut Pro shouldn’t be deleted! When we went to re-release this video for the general public we could not find the source files to recut. So what you are seeing is the original video downloaded from youtube, with the audio stripped out a new soundtrack added. Needless to say the quality isn’t all that great, but the candid shots and vibe remains worthy of release. Music is by  The Big Little.

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