March 16, 2015

Big News! Finished?


Seriously, you guys are awesome, and we soo appreciate your support and patience. Can’t wait to share this with you. – Ben & Teresa


We have some exciting news to share. But first…

We want to take the time right now to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this project! Indie films like One Simple Question are made by communities—people volunteering time, donating money, and pitching in anyway they can. We have 8 core filmmakers — all of whom have donated their time and money. We have several hundred other people like you, who have donated anywhere from one dollar to one thousand, one hour to forty. That adds up! One of the greatest pleasures for us has been the unwavering support that has sprung up around OSQ. Without you, this film would not be happening.

Ok. Time for the BIG NEWS! Hold onto your hats…

We have OFFICIALLY finished One Simple Question!

When we started on this adventure that turned into a multi-year odyssey we never considered what the actual birth into the world was going to bring or what it was actually going to feel like. The reception to the film so far has been overwhelmingly positive and truly rewarding beyond words. It’s been a very full time for us — full of joy and challenge, full of new friends, full of learning. But it isn’t over yet. They say the real work for indie filmmakers begins when the film is finished — with distribution and publicity.

How Can I See The Film?

I know you all want to see the fruits of your labors. Right now, the best way to see and share One Simple Question is to host a screening. Screenings help this project grow. They offer a chance for publicity, and press — exactly what we need to make this film have a bigger impact.You can sign up on our website or email us for more information. It’s not hard, and doesn’t require a theater or fancy venue. Yachtclubs or local libraries can be perfect. If you have a connection to the press (magazines, radio, web, etc), let us know, we can work together to help get the word out about this awesome new indie film, made by a community of support.


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  1. Aug 20 2015

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