November 15, 2016

Digital Downloads… Finally!


Phew. We heard the calls, the requests, the cries for digital downloads. It was a long time coming… but we finally made a downloadable version of One Simple Question available to the world. It helped that we ran out of DVD’s, which was our goal. Sell the DVDs first, then release the downloads.

We carefully examined all the digital outlets like Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo, etc. Eventually we concluded that for us, the best outlet is REELHOUSE. Although the foot traffic is limited compared to household names like Amazon, the barrier to entry at REELHOUSE was nil. Plus, the percentage per sale that we get to keep is high, which helps payback our investors.

Currently we are selling a private use version of the film only. We have plans to add the Behind The Scenes featurettes that came on the DVD as an option. So if you are interested in the full package, stand by. For now though, you can head on over to REELHOUSE and download the movie right now, and watch it right now. Amazing.

Please remember, that we are an indie project, and rely on your help to market and share the movie with others — in hopes that they will buy it! — not that you will give it to them 😉 We also love to hear what you thought of the movie — so come back  afterwards and leave a comment on our review page.

Buy the movie here.

Happy watching!

Ben, Teresa, Derek, Dory & the whole crew!

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  1. Bill Miller
    Apr 13 2017

    Do you have plans to produce more DVD’s?


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