January 12, 2016

Film Review by Bailey Boat Cat!


Awwww, the adorable Bailey Boat Cat got to “meet” Dory while watching One Simple Question. These are his thoughts on the film:

A refreshingly honest film demonstrating what it’s really like to be out in a sailboat during the good times and the times when you consider why on earth you chose to travel by boat in the first place!

The film is both entertaining and educational, highlighting environmental issues that concern us all.

The footage throughout the film is breathtaking and has inspired me to follow in their wake one day.

The true star of the film, in my whiskery opinion, is of course Dory. I’d also love to know his secret for such a pawesome fluffy tail!

Well, Bailey, thanks for the review. And, since you were wondering, Dory suggests grooming the tail about 2 hours each day plus frequent naps. Even a cat as good looking as Dory or Bailey needs his beauty sleep!

Click Here to read the full review on Bailey’s site.

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