January 13, 2013

Introduction to Life Aboard [Video]

This video was originally released as a Behind The Scenes exclusive for our supporters and educational outreach program. We’ve taken the original and edited it a little bit (with our new found but minimal skills).

What’s it like to live aboard  a small boat and sail offshore in search of icebergs? How do you fit 3 people and a cat, plus all that camera equipment aboard a 28′ boat? How do you cook, and do you have a refrigerator on board? Where do you sleep? Do you have any privacy? These are questions we get asked often… and this video answers most of those inquiries. Please comment and share!

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Secrets To A Successful Voyage

It’s a small boat, and we are always in each others stuff! That’s an understatement. It’s communal living on steroids. Living together in a 100 square foot space… if that, teaches (forces) respect. You have to pitch in and do your share of cooking, cleaning, and getting out of the others way when moving about the cabin. So be sure to do your part… and please keep yours in your bunk and covered while sleeping.

And never forget the ‘salza’ (watch the video for reference). When the weather gets rough, and cooking is not an appealing option, chips & salsa make an awesome dinner. One of the best parts about this meal is the chip crumbs you find under the cockpit cushions the next day, which make for a welcome and tasty surprise on a lonely watch. (Be sure to keep that one a secret from your fellow crew members)

Baking cookies underway daily is a sure fire way to keep your crew happy. I like to replace half the butter with peanut butter, but never really measure the peanut butter—that makes for a messy measuring cup—it’s easy enough to eyeball it. Tip: Sleeping cats make great butter warmers, but make sure they are definitely sleeping.

These are just a few of the ways we have had success keeping our little ship and crew happy! What are your techniques?

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  1. calvin stewart
    Jan 17 2013

    I am preparing to do what you are doing. a little late in under taking such a task, but better late than never ( 77years old )

  2. Cory Delbovo
    Feb 3 2013

    Not a sailor, yet, though your vids have truly inspired me, but I have done a number of extended bicycle tours and camping.

    I’d like to suggest dried fruit, like unsugared mangos, apples, pineapple, and whole bananas, the kinds you’d find in health food stores.

    They aren’t as brightly colored as the ones with all the sugar, in fact the dried whole bananas are nearly all black, but they taste unbelievably delicious, are packed with vitamins, and have got to be the healthiest thing you can eat that does not require refrigeration and can be stored indefinitely.

    I’d also be curious why folks don’t use a wok stove burner and a round bottom wok in their galleys, as that can handle sway, and can cook anything, with no need for an oven or multiple burners, and just one “pot” for ease of cleaning and storing.

    My galley certainly would use one when I get a cruiser, and maybe a rice cooker. I have a concept for a tinier galley or kitchen for a tinyhome, that incorporates this idea.

    Anyways, best of luck on the film, and keep the great videos coming!

  3. randy
    Feb 4 2013

    living the dream,i wish you all the best wish i could do it iwatch the vidioes an dream

    • Sandi Verbridge
      Feb 12 2013

      Yes they are living MY dream..

  4. Sandi Verbridge
    Feb 12 2013

    I want so badly to live on a sailboat for a couple of years (or more,) Sail south in the winter and live on the warm waters. a dream come true… You inspire me for sure.

  5. Cindy Newburg
    Feb 20 2013

    If you ever make it to Hawaii let me know ! I am looking forward to the movie 🙂

  6. Brad Hunter
    Feb 27 2013

    You guys rock! Can’t wait to see the movie. I am a fisherman in Hawaii. Crossed the Pacific in 04 Qslnd-Cabo ..the Atlantic in 91 ….epic adventure. You guys are making me jones for more. Keep up the good work!

    • admin
      Feb 27 2013

      Thanks Brad! You guys help us keep the fire alive…See ya out there!

  7. Andre
    Apr 2 2013



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