August 14, 2016

LIVE Musical/Film Event Aug 28th Traverse City!

Live Event featuring
The Accidentals and One Simple Question
at the Traverse City State Theater

A special live event screening of award-winning film One Simple Question with a musical performance by the composers, The Accidentals, followed by a discussion with the creative team is coming to Traverse City State Theater on August 28 at 1pm.


In 2014 the citizens of Northern Michigan were invited to be a part of the filmmaking process by participating in a test screening and discussion of the film’s rough cut. With your feedback the film was completed and has been touring the country ever since. It won Made-In-Michigan Film Festival Best Documentary Feature, Mountain Film Seven Summits Award, Blue Ocean Film Festival Best Emerging Filmmaker Finalist, and more.

One Simple Question was filmed in the Canadian Maritime, but post production was completed in Kalkaska, Michigan. The event opens with a musical performance by The Accidentals, Savannah Buist and Katie Larson of Traverse City who composed much of the original film score. Writer, producer, and star of the film Teresa Carey, a Kalkaska native, will be in attendance for a Q&A following the film.

One Simple Question tells the story of one couple who sheds the comforts of land to begin a life at sea on a small sailboat. Their goal, simple yet elusive, is to sail north until they find the Petermann Ice Island – a record breaking iceberg. Yet One Simple Question is more than just an adventure-doc. Infused between scenes of sleepless nights, thick fog, rough weather, and icy northern waters, is insight from top scientists and renowned world voyagers.

The Petermann Ice Island is the biggest Greenland iceberg in the last five decades. It was 4 times the size of Manhattan and has a thickness up to half the size of the Empire State building and drew the attention and concern of climatologists internationally.

“The freshwater stored in [the Petermann] ice island could keep the Delaware or Hudson rivers flowing for more than two years. It could also keep all U.S. public tap water flowing for 120 days,” glaciologist Dr. Andreas Muenchow (in the film) said.

Created through the collaboration between new filmmakers Teresa and Ben Carey with director Derek Alan Rowe, founder of Doctrine Creative, One Simple Question, like the iceberg itself, has so much more below the surface. It is at once a thrilling adventure, an exploration in the lifecycle of icebergs and their connection to the world, and a surprising twist.

Producer/Writer Teresa Carey graduated from Kalkaska High School in 1997 and University of Michigan in 2004. She went on to travel extensively utilizing her array of talents and professions including writer, speaker, and ocean-going sailing captain. In 2011 she added filmmaker to that list when she was approached by Director Derek Allan Rowe, founder of Doctrine Creative a Florida-based production company with Disney, Nickelodeon, and indie credits. Derek was interested in the lifestyle of small boat ocean voyaging and asked Teresa to collaborate on a adventure-documentary.

The primary team included Teresa, her now husband Ben Carey, and Derek. However, Teresa will say it took a community to create. “We relied heavily on the generosity, talents, and enthusiasm of over 200 people. They became the film’s composers, critics, funders, volunteers, cameramen, editors, artists, and even body doubles,” says Teresa.

The film became profoundly collaborative with each primary team member taking a role in all aspects of creation. They set up a makeshift post-production studio in a hot, dusty attic in Kalkaska, Michigan, editing from sunrise to sunset with several box-fans constantly blowing to keep the hard drives cool. Thankfully they took one day off to attend the Traverse City Film Festival where Savannah Buist and Katie Larson were performing at The State Theater.

Memorized by their blend of folk, pop, and rock, Teresa chased them backstage and invited them to the attic office to discuss composing for One Simple Question. Crammed into a 10×10 room, sitting on folding chairs, and surrounded by box fans, the agreement was made and Katie and Savannah joined the team. Since then The Accidentals have added drummer Michael Dause and have gone on to build a large following and the acclaim of Billboard staff who named then as one of the top breakout groups in 2015.

The indie film was first released as an official selection of the Blue Ocean Film Festival and a finalist in the emerging filmmaker category. It continues to gain momentum through festivals and private screenings.

The reasons to attend this event are endless. One Simple Question is a local made film with female leadership. Written and produced by a Northern Michigander, it has been vetted by many film festivals and won several awards. This is a unique event in that The Accidentals, the film’s composers, will open the show with a live musical performance. Stick around after the film for a Q&A with producer Teresa Carey and The Accidentals Savannah Buist and Katie Larson.

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