March 17, 2011

Meet-Up Held at Leeward Market in Annapolis

by Donna Whicher, Annapolis Patch

People who have epiphanies often do so via stories, and not long ago those stories were often found in books. Nowadays, narratives that change people’s lives are just as frequently found on the Internet.

So it went for Annapolis resident Merry O’Brien, who stumbled on the blog “Teresa Carey’s Sailing, Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness,” which chronicles Carey’s minimalist living aboard a boat.

O’Brien was so inspired by Carey, she shed her land-bound existence to move onto a boat docked near Eastport two years ago.

“My dockmates have been so helpful,” O’Brien, who works full time as a social worker, said. “This community is a hidden thing, but there are many of us.”

In 2010 she sent Carey a résumé in response to a “crew wanted” posting, and—despite having zero sailing experience and having never met Carey in person—accompanied her on a one-week sailing trip from the Bahamas. Fast forward about a year later, and O’Brien is now volunteer assisting long distance with publicity and production related to the filming of an upcoming iceberg hunting adventure that Carey and her partner are set to begin this spring.

This past weekend, Carey and her significant other Ben Eriksen—both U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains— traveled to Annapolis from Long Island to present a slideshow and to take part in a meet-up hosted by the Leeward Market Cafe and Grocery. According to O’Brien, most people in attendance knew Carey and Eriksen from their joint site,, that centers on their upcoming independent film, “One Simple Question.” And like O’Brien and Carey and Eriksen, several Annapolis residents at the meet-up also live on boats.

“I used to have a very suburban, land-locked existence,” O’Brien explained during the meet-up. “[Carey’s] blog gave me the bravery to make my life different. Her honesty on her blog was inspirational.”

Ben Eriksen described the concept behind the film to the…..

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