February 27, 2015

OSQ Screenings

We are happy to announce some of the first public screenings are happening already. We’ve got a few scheduled in Florida,  Maine and Vancouver! We are hoping to schedule a whole bunch more. But we can’t do it all. This film needs your help to crowd-source viewing power! I know this film is worthy of many eyeballs, and that those who see it will not only be entertained, but inspired.


One of our screening hosts had this to say about the film:

We have just previewed the film and can promise you an exceptional experience. While the film is ostensibly about a cruise to north to the ice, it is much, much more. It captures the spiritual aspects of sailing. It shows the beauty as well as the not-so-beautiful moments of sailing–heavy weather. It displays the scenic grandeur of Newfoundland and its offshore icebergs, as well as the charm of its people. It effectively explains the environmental consequences of climate change. It also includes cameo appearances by several recognizable cruising “greats,”  Beth Leonard, Pam Wall, George Day, John Kretschmer, Nigel Calder, John Neal, Jaja & Dave Martin, Yves Gélinas, and Lin & Larry Pardey. And it captures the lives of this charming young couple in a way that all of us who have made a long passage at sea can clearly relate to.

You can also read more reviews and advance praise for OSQ here.

If you are interested in bringing OSQ to your hometown, yachtclub, sailing center, boys & girls club, local library, religious center, Power Squadron or whatever organization you can think of, please sign up at our Host A Screening Page.

The movie is 85 minutes long. We can skype in for a Q&A afterwards. You can charge admission and raise some money for your organization!  We provide the film file (DVD or digital), posters, a screening guide and lots of support if needed.

You don’t need a big theater, just a regular projector, computer, and a speaker system big enough for the room used. A home stereo would be adequate. So don’t worry about not having a “good enough” space. We want this to be a fun, easy process for all. After all this want a big high budget production… we did this out on a shoestring budget, thanks to many of you!

If you have any questions, please get in touch.



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