Director & Editor
Derek Alan Rowe

Producer, Story Editor
Teresa Leigh Carey

Derek Alan Rowe, Teresa Carey, Ben Eriksen

Produced by
Doctrine Creative, Morse Alpha Studios

Associate Producers
Chuck Killoran, Marv Vanderslick

Chris Rodriguez, Larissa Powers, Derek Alan Rowe,  Ben Eriksen, Teresa Carey

Musical Director
Steve Goldstein

Original Soundtrack
Steve Goldstein, The Accidentals

Additional Music
Sonny Trouble, Tim Eriksen, Low End String Quartet, Big Big Train, Seventh Wonder

Jared Rowe, Jeff Halalay, Jason McGuigan

Graphic Artists
James Sample, Hannah Viano, Ben Eriksen Carey

Website Design
Ben Eriksen Carey



Primaries: Teresa Carey, Ben Eriksen Carey, Dory the Cat

Secondaries: Fred Pelley, Bob Groves, Beth Leonard, John Kretschmer, Captain Paul, John Neal, Amanda Neal,  Newfoundland Fishermen, Lin & Larry Pardey, Pam Wall, Nigel Calder, Jaja & Dave Martin, George Day, Yves Gelinas, Fiamma Straneo, Andreas Meunchow, Wallace J Nichols.

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