Teresa Carey (Producer, Writer, Cast) is a US Coast Guard licensed captain and ocean science educator. She has a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts – Fine Arts from Ohio University. She writes for her award-winning blog titled “Sailing Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness” and her articles have been published in national magazines. Teresa was a TEDx speaker (watch the video) , the Keynote Speaker for the National Women’s Sailing Association, Blue Mind 2016 speaker, co-presenter for the Mystic Seaport Adventure Series, and 2012 winner of the BLUE Ocean Film Festival youtube category. In June 2015 Teresa and Ben launched an ocean research and outreach effort called Hello Ocean. Teresa is now attending University of California Santa Cruz science communication graduate program, and interning at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. She is having fun studying aerial circus arts on the side! Find more about Teresa at


Ben Eriksen Carey (Cast, Editor, Graphic Artist) earned a degree in Human Ecology from Connecticut College where studies were focused in marine biology. In 1992 Ben spent three months aboard a 125ft schooner doing ocean research with the Sea Education Association that sparked his sailing career. Ben holds a 100 ton US Coast Guard Master’s License and has logged over 30,000 sea miles. A motivated and talented self-learner, Ben used his creative energy to become a successful independent web designer, and now filmmaker. He is a drummer, fitness enthusiast, tea drinker and vegetable eater.


Derek Alan Rowe (Director, Primary Editor, Motion Graphics) is a founder of Doctrine Creative. From a very young age, Derek spent most of his time developing ideas, and found digital media was the best way to express them. He has grown from a graphic  designer, to  web designer, to video editor. He has worked with Disney, Nickelodeon, TLC, plus many other independant projects. Derek’s goal is to produce inspiring and meaningful media. In 2008 he directed a full-length feature film called “Out On Parole” and just completed a documentary film called “Within Reach” that is currently touring festivals. For full credits visit


Chris Rodriguez (Director of Photography) realized early on after winning a student Emmy award at the age of 16 that he had found his calling with a career in video production. For the past 8 years, Chris has worked as video producer, editor, and camera operator on a variety of different commercial video projects. He is a co-founder of Doctrine Creative, LLC a production company based out of Orlando, FL. Most recently he was a Producer & Director of Photography for the feature film “Out on Parole”. His passion is to create content that inspires others to make a difference and explore a deeper appreciation for the world they live in.


Larissa Powers (Camera Operator) is a product of a life spent in the backwoods of New England, and has always had a keen interest in sustainable living. She earned her B.S. in Geology from Union College and has been teaching physics, chemistry and sustainable practices to middle school children for six years. Larissa is a gifted chef and singer, an enthusiastic swimmer and cyclist, and is the manager of a school production garden. With an affinity for remote places and new adventures she has lived in the suburban farmlands of Belgium, among the potato fields of northern Maine and on an organic farm in upstate New York. Larissa currently resides in Saint Louis with her partner James and her furry companions Monkey and Loki.


headshots_80_SteveLackSteve Lack (Sound Design) Steve Lack has spent over 25 years in television, film, advertising and corporate video post-production. He also has a love of all things web. (Go ahead, refer to him as your web geek if you want!) Steve has combined his television post-production experience and web savvy to create Genlack, a company focused on high production values as well as cutting-edge technology. Steve has mixed many long form and promos for Discovery and related networks, Animal Planet, Science, etc.

Genlack is Steve’s company which offers website and mobile application development and programming for Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Media Production and E-commerce businesses.


Steve Goldstein (Primary Musician) a true renaissance man, is a New York music scene veteran—coming up during some of the most fertile musical years Steve cut his teeth and earned his chops playing in progressive indie bands for years. Although he graduated with an Arts degree in English, his passion has always been music—and his involvement in some of the most successful and notable acts to come out of New York and beyond is proof of his zeal. Now that he’s been on the stage and a part of some of the most innovative videos on the Internet, Steve aims to move forward and refine his talents even further. His new goals include scoring soundtracks, and writing and producing for new artists as well as composing commercial jingles.


headshots_80_accidentalsThe Accidentals, Katie Larson & Savannah Buist (Primary Musicians) met in Orchestra at Traverse City West Senior High School. While working on a duo project they realized they had everything in common.  Katie plays accordion, acoustic/electric guitar, cello, ukulele, piano, glockenspiel, bass, and kazoo “yes kazoo”. Savannah plays violin/viola, ukulele, acoustic/electric guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, and musical saw.  In 2011, they wrote thirteen songs in two weeks and recorded their first CD of original material three months later and named their band, The Accidentals. They are known for their quirky melodies, haunting harmonies, and powerful lyrics.  Z93 FM’s Matt Mansfield describes The Accidentals as “A duo giving an edge to folk with unique instrumentation. A must hear!”

Hannah Viano (Graphic Artist) has adventured on boats small and tall from Cape Horn to Ketchikan, as educator, captain, and scientist.  Art has always been fit in around the edges of these travels, and now fetched up in Seattle she makes a life as an artist and illustrator while towing a next generation voyager around behind her bicycle. For the OSQ T-shirt she used an x-acto knife and a sheet of black paper mixed with a healthy dose of sea time, carving pieces away to reveal the images of wind, water, and wanderlust.  To see more of her work visit her website


James Sample (Graphic Artist) is a self taught illustrator and graphic designer, who studied web design in Tempe, Arizona. Although hailing from Toronto Canada, has lived all over North America from Newfoundland to Phoenix– taking great advantage of his dual citizenship and sense for adventure. James spent several years participating in a volunteer education work– a global mission he is still strongly dedicated to. When not honing his modest classical guitar skills or dreaming of sailing… he manages a web design group for a fortune 500 financial company in Raleigh, North Carolina and takes on occasional projects through his company Ships Wake Creative. You can find his portfolio at


Dory  (Ships Cat) is a spirited voyager. His first introduction to boat life was moving aboard the Nor’sea Daphne two months before it was launched. Dory prefers ocean living to land and quickly developed his sea legs. Aboard Daphne he spends his days chasing the bitter ends of flogging lines and watching boats and gulls pass by.