March 26, 2011

Teresa Receives a Prestigious Honor

Recently Teresa recieved a prestegious invitation because of her inspired blog, Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness. She was invited to be a speaker at a TED conference. TED is a non-profit that is committed to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” The goal of the conference is to bring together the most innovative minds in a structured series of inspiring talks which are free to the world via the internet. To be inspired by a TED talk, visit their website.

You can view Teresa’s talk right here. Read a in depth article on the talk at Teresa’s blog, Sailing Simplicity.

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  1. Feb 4 2012

    I enjoyed this presentation very much and hope the best for you. Lots of nice sunsets and enjoyable days on the water i miss so much. I`m a foreman of large construction sites and sailing is the only time i can totally switch off and just enjoy the wind and nature. I have to agree that the rise of anti depression meds is related to the disconnection of nature we put our self into, in our daily lives. it is just a freeing feeling to enjoy nature for what it is. Life.
    i have moved around the globe. i was raised in Germany now live in Oklahoma. When i did this move i sold everything i had. i started new with two suit cases of clothes, to pursue my dream. i can totally understand what you mean by losing all your baggage.
    Respect to you and your choices, good Luck and these stories are stories that can only be written by Life. i look forward to your movie and wish you the best.


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