June 14, 2011

We’re On Our Way

Phew! After a few crazy-busy weeks of boat prep, equipment research, last minute fundraising, a few interviews, and of course our own work-work, we have finally cut the docklines and are off to find an iceberg—although we did leave a day later than anticipated!

On the morning of our departure, we loaded groceries aboard, took on diesel and topped off our water tanks, then quickly waved good by to our friends and family. It was so hot that day, we couldn’t wait to get out on the water and cool off.


The first few days have been anything but normal! Two nights of intense thunder and lightening with squall lines packing 45-50 knot gusts have been followed by bone chilling Nor-easterly winds which have slowed our progress. Our course has taken us farther North than anticipated in order to get a better slant on Nova Scotia.

Currently we’re anchored in Maine, with plans to make the jump across tomorrow and the next day. Continuing North-easterlies are forecasted for the crossing, but by the end of  week, the weatherman promises a return to the more typical Southwesterlies… a favorable wind for making our way towards iceberg alley.

Dory is doing well. He’s adjusting to life aboard slowly, but surely. He’s finding the quarter berth to be his favorite hideout spot. It’s a good ‘sea bunk’ he says.

-Ben, Teresa, & Dory

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  1. Adam
    Jun 14 2011

    Good luck you guys!!! I can’t wait to follow your journey every step of the way. Keep inspiring us. I loved your TED presentation Teresa. It made me decide to finally search for and move onto a sailboat 🙂

  2. Daphne Brown (nee Hardinge)
    Jun 23 2011

    Teresa – I was at school with your Grandmother – my namesake!! She would be SO proud of you. I send best wishes to you and Ben and applaud your sense of adventure. Godspeed.

  3. Aug 15 2011

    Ben& Teresa, I discovered your videos on you-tube. Now I am following you on Twitter. As a former live aboard on a Morgan 32, I appreciate your frankness about day today life.
    Look forward to the movie.
    Good Luck and God’s
    speed. Chuck

  4. Jim and Judy Deatsch
    Sep 5 2011

    Good job folks,

    We take inspiration from you as we prepare our 1978, 30′ Hunter for our trip south.

    Being 64 and 63 we are on the other side of your ‘trip’ and cannot WAIT to get started.

    Be well, enjoy, thank you SO much for the entertaining videos, blogs, all of it. You done good.

    Teresa, when we meet up somewhere I’ll be happy to ‘larn’ you about engines unless Ben has already.

    Jim and Judy
    Penfield, Neu Yawk.


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