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Merry SAIL Magazine Spread and a Happy New Trailer!

Wow. Merry Christmas! We are really happy to find a 3 page spread in SAIL Magazine’s January 2014 issue. So happy about it, that we decided to release a new trailer! This v2.0 trailer, dubbed the “Iceberg Trailer” is something we had worked on a while back, but never released. We took some time to […]


Test Screenings Wrap-Up

A quick update about the recent test screenings, four official test-screenings in all. Over 180 people saw the rough cut. The venues were varied – as were the audiences. We tried to make sure a diverse group saw the cut. Overall the response was enthusiastic. We tallied up the feedback forms and listened to our […]


The Rough Cut Release!

The first draft of the rough cut is finally done! A few days ago the OSQ creative team sat down to watch all 78 minutes of the film, pencils and notebooks in hand. We spent the next two days sharing our notes and ideas of how to improve, polish, and finesse the film. We came […]


Episode 2: One Simple Question: Exploring Our World One Question at a Time

Updated April 12, 2013: Hangout available on youtube. Scroll down for resource links discussed in the hangout. Join Teresa for the second installment of: One Simple Question: Exploring Our World One Question at a Time Where:  Live Google+ Hangout When: April 11 2013 • 6pm EDT Since Ben and Teresa set sail 2 years ago […]


Behind The Scenes Video: Fly On The Wall Editing: Looking For Clips

While we push hard to get a rough cut finished by April 15th, we took a few minutes to shoot this quick Behind The Scenes look at some of the editing process. A big part of the process has been logging and organizing the 5,000+ clips. Yet despite our best efforts to log with keywords […]


Lessons Of An Evening Landfall

From Blue Water Sailing • February 2013 by Ben Eriksen For weeks we slowly trudged our way south through the muddy and dismal swamps of the ICW. The engine hours topped the 1000 mark and the associated fuel costs toppled the budget. The thought of open ocean and a short offshore run made Elizabeth, my […]