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The Payoff Published in Windcheck Magazine

This article originally appeared in Windcheck Magazine October 2011 This summer we set sail once again, but this voyage was a little different for two reasons. Firstly, this would be an extended voyage together aboard one boat. During our previous journey to the Bahamas, we each sailed solo, side-by-side, aboard two separate boats. Second, our […]

Heading South

Wow, too much to catch up on here. Blogging has definitely fallen by the wayside, as filming and editing takes front and center. A dedicated writing team would be swell, but we’re not there yet. I’ll have to really cut to the chase here and relay just the best of the best, and the worst […]

Cold, Wet Iceberg Hunt In St. Anthony

Newfoundland is huge. It’s rugged. It’s cold, it’s windy and always wet. We’ve said it before, but it needs to be re-mentioned, here and surely again in the future. A local fisherman told us this has been the worst June on record since 1981. Only two days has the sun shown its smiling face in […]

Newfoundland Bound

As always,  the weather determines our schedule, but specifically, it’s the wind we pay attention to most. The push northward has been at a good clip, but sometimes waiting for the right weather window can feel like forever. Onboard Elizabeth we yammer on and on about the weather, so much so, that it seems to […]

Unseasonably Cold, Wet and Windy

[Anchored — St. Peters, Cape Breton] That’s the general consensus up here in Cape Breton. It’s been a much colder trip than we expected!  The fronts have been one right after another — Northerly winds have been the norm. Forget the smokey sou’westers of summer. We are thinking oatmeal and hot cocoa, not sunscreen and […]

We’re On Our Way

Phew! After a few crazy-busy weeks of boat prep, equipment research, last minute fundraising, a few interviews, and of course our own work-work, we have finally cut the docklines and are off to find an iceberg—although we did leave a day later than anticipated! On the morning of our departure, we loaded groceries aboard, took on diesel […]