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One young couple who seek adventure shed the comforts of land and begin a life at sea aboard a small sailboat. Their goal, simple yet elusive, is to sail north until they find an iceberg—but they need to sail over 1600 miles before the first sign of ice. Cramped in tight quarters, together they endure sleepless nights, thick fog, rough weather and icy northern water. What they didn’t anticipate was that they would find a piece of the biggest iceberg in the last six decades. Scientists call it the Petermann ice-island, which drew the attention and concern of climatologists internationally.

In an unexpected twist, they discover how the quest to see an iceberg, like the iceberg itself, reveals far more below the surface. With insight from seasoned world voyagers such as John Kretschmer, Pam Wall, The Martins, John & Amanda Neal, George Day, The Pardeys, Nigel Calder and Yves Gelinas,  arctic scientists Fiamma Straneo and Andreas Meunchow, and ground-breaking Blue Mind author Wallace J Nichols, the journey serves as a guide while they attempt to answer the question which is on so many of our minds: In a world where real hopes and dreams are often overshadowed by the demands of a misdirected society, how do we find meaningful purpose in our lives, and stay on course to realize that purpose, then press further onward to reach our goals?

Travel with Ben and Teresa on a quest that brings them lessons in the joy of a deliberate life, a greater understanding of nature and a new path in the pursuit of happiness. As they roam the north Atlantic without a solid destination they realize how demanding yet fulfilling life can be when they decide to sail against the winds and break the conventional waves of life.