The Film’s Status

Latest Update: June 15, 2013

The Present:

We are now deep in the re-editing phase and there’s still lot of work to do. The OSQ team has watched through the first rough cut, taken exhaustive notes and now are working on a version of the film to use for test screenings. We are seeking venues for test screenings. These are small intimate gatherings of 15-20 people, where your discussion of the film and feedback forms will help us tweek the film to perfection. If you think you can host a valuable Pre-screening sign up here.

Making the film is only one part of it. Ensuring that a film will have a far-reaching and long lasting impact on the world is also a huge and endless undertaking. The One Simple Question community of supporters have brought us this far, and we thank you for your support, encouragement, and help making this film the best it can be.



The Future:

We plan to launch the film in two initial phases:
(1) Rough Cut:
April 15th
(2) Final Cut: October 15th



We are focusing on a grassroots distribution plan that will extend the reach and impact of our film by calling the audience into action. We are asking people to take a lead in the One Simple Question community in small or large ways such as:

Step 1: Boosting the Hype!

The best way to keep in the know is to follow us on your favorite network. We release sneak peek vidoes regularly, so be sure to subscribe on youtube. But sharing is the real power of the social networks. Please share OSQ on your favorite networks, social bookmarking and forum sites like reddit!

Share the trailerLike on facebookFollow on TwitterSubscribe on Youtube

Step 2: Pre-Release Test Screenings

A film test screening is a special showing of a pre-release cut of the film. It’s shown to small audiences who will participate in a discussion with the filmmakers or written feedback following the film. Test screenings will be scheduled for August of 2013. We are looking for individuals or teams of people to host a test screening at venues such as their home, church, school, business, or local community buildings. The host committee will receive a Test Screening Kit that will help you plan a successful screening, and includes: publicity hints, posters, invitations, links, tips for a successful screening, feedback forms, and discussion topics.

How You Can Help: Host or join a Test Screening Committee.

Step 3: Film Festivals Submissions

Beginning October 2013
This fall we will begin submitting One Simple Question to film festivals. There are film festivals hosted all across the country, large and small. There is a submission fee for each festival, so we’ll need to be selective. Also, there are often restrictions placed on the films entered in a festival that can limit public distribution of the film. These restrictions typically last one year from the first festival showing.

How You Can Help: Suggest a festival or sponsor a submission fee.

Step 4: Premiers & Public Screenings

Possibly beginning October 2013
This fall, we plan to set up premiers in key areas where we feel One Simple Question will reach a receptive audience. In each of those cities we need excited supporters to join Local Premier Committees who will help determine the best venue and time for each screening and coordinate local publicity. We will be posting here a list of target cities, so stay updated.

How You Can Help: Lead or join a Local Premier Committee.

Step 5: The Future of OSQ

With an excited and supportive audience, One Simple Question will continue to reach more and more people. No matter what your experience level is, if you’d like to jump on the team, here are some ways to get involved:

  • Publicity / Social Media Coordinator
  • Screenings and Event Coordinator
  • Distribution / Sales Agents

How You Can Help: Join our team.

NOTE: We appreciate suggestions in all areas of the filmmaking and distribution process. We will be posting updates to this post as things change and evolve. Please send suggestions to us via email.

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