OSQ Supporters

This documentary film project cannot happen without the financial help from our supporters. Although every person involved is investing their time, energy and passion – making a documentary film of this nature requires a significant financial investment. We are currently seeking funds to help with editing the film for public television, travel, distribution, and publicity. We appreciate your continued support.



We are very grateful to the wonderful people and companies who have backed our project, believe in OSQ and its mission.

Northland Discovery Boat Tours


Individual Supporters

(last updated Feb 3, 2014)

Adam B Plourde
Adam Perreault
Aimee McDonald
Alan Boulanger
Alan Brown
Alan Byers
Alex Vulcan
Amanda Brydon
Amanda Yarrington
Ami Maglin
Andrea Wass
Barbara K Schirripa & Gary Murphy
Becky Trombley Domegan
Ben Thrush
Ben Urmston
Berk Ozdemir
Beth Anderson
Betty Vanerstrom
Bill “Bowtie” Mcloed
Bill Bailey
Bob and Carole Sheppard
Bob and Fran Carey
Bob Williams
Bouton Family
Brian W Gortney
Bridgette Harwood
Britt Gjertsen Kimmy
Bruce and Carol Fielding
Bryan Berkland
Candy and Bob
Capt Paul
Rich & Linda Greenwood
Jim Green & Carolyn Green
Caroline DiCicco
Carrie Ingham
Cath Tyler
Catherine Tyler
Chad Gleason
Charles Monogan
Charles Slate
Chris Cantle
Chris Staudinger
Chris Szepessy
Christopher Nesterczuk
Chuck Killorin
Colin Northcott
Curtis J Werbecky
D. Lane
Dan and Shirley Carey
Dan Best
Dan Nelson
Daniel Culepepper
Daria Blackwell
Darlene Belnick
David and Sharon Stockford
David Duncan
David L Feist
David Vargo
Debbie Shafer
Debbie, Matt, Ben, and Gracie Gardner
Denise Eggleston
Dorothy Mammen
Dr. John Ruge & Melissa Moore
Earnest Cadotte
Ed Johnson
Elizabeth J. Dominiak
Ellis E. Hamilton
Erick von Schulz
Ethan Crenson
Eva Rawposa
Fred Dunnington
Frodis 20
Fuu Miyatani French
Garth Wells
Gerry O’Donoghu
Gina and Rodney Malone
Gisell Bacerra
Gladys Strickland
Goerge Hylkema
Greg Guthman
Holly & Cynthia Wayman
Jack M. Petri Jr
James Lee
James Romano
Jamie Sullivan
Jan Gort
Jane and Don Woodruff
Janice and Frank Zingale
Jason Rolph
Jay De Atta
Jay Powers
Jeanne and Larry Cadotte
Jeanne Corbin
Jen Sheppard
Jennifer Stockford
Jerrett Archer
Jess and Marilyn Hurst
Jess Scholten
Jesse Mayes
Jim and Fran Zepp
Jim and Neva Carey
Jimmy g & Polo
Joe Potenza
Joe Tall
Joe Taylor
John & Alice Bethel
John Ahern
John Casey
John Peltier
John Timmons
Josh Bird
Joshua Drew
Joyce McCoy
Julie Stamey
Justin Kriss
Kathleen Jones
Keith Fawcett
Keith Griffaton
Kelly Bancroft
Kenton D. Raver
Kevin Chesley
Kevin Schruben
Kevin Stafford
Kshama Ananthapura
Larissa Powers
Leslie Drew
Lisa J. Bethel
Lori Matthews, Ph.D.
Louise and Rick Gemmell
Luke O’Neill
Mandy Creighton
Manny Azevedo
Marc Botte
Marc Kravitz
Marcus Albertson
Maria De Lesseps
Marissa and Larry Braun
Mark Dixon
Markley Gordon
Marv Vanderslik
Mary Hunter
Mary R. Pfeiffer
Matt & Kristi Maines
Meghan Daigh
Merry Obrien
Michale Cameron
Michele Wise
Mike and Kim Babcock
Mike Jolly
Min, Just, Mads and Keegan Beyer
Mitsu Iwasaki
Monique Flynn
Nancy and Tim Mohre
Nate and Leah Lamkin
Nathan Cooper
Nelson A. Colon
Nica and Jeremy Waters
Nick Jaffee
Nick Sabardin
Nicolas Joannides
Nils Hansen
Noah Krawchick
Olcay Karacoban
Pamela Fraser
Pamela Gutlon
Patricia Wicks
Patrick and Debbie Whitten
Patrick C Hogan
Peter Zepp
Peyton & Wendy Gleaton
Phil and Jo Scott
Phil Chater
Pierre-Frédéric Chénier
Pricilla Horton
Randy Hutchinson
Ray and Pat St. Dennis
Rebekah Wooster Painter
Richard Isaacs
Rick Canavan
Rick Patton
Rick Peterson
Robert Biegler
Robert Forshay
Robert Grove
Ryan Downs
Ryan Houston
Ryan Mlynarczyk
Sailing Bo
Sara Richmond
Sarah Elmore
Sarah Himes
Scott Askew
Scott Beehler
Sean & Beth Cummiskey
Sebastien Trudel
Shan Shan Pa
Sheri and Rich Dodson
Smith Family – Adam, Khrystyne, Dani, Marly, & Brodie
Stefano Chizzolini
Susie and Doug Burns
Taylor Ovide
Tenny Wood
Thomas Brinkmeyer
Thomas Rowe
Thomas Templeton
Thomas Winkler
Tim Eriksen
Tim Pearia
Tom and Ardis Bauer
Tom and Cindy Kelly
Tom Carter
Toni Bailey
Travis Fisher
Travis McDaniel
Tri-State Network Integrators
Troy Gruetzmacher
Will Becchina
Zach Drew
Zack Gemmell

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